“This Christmas holidays period will not pass me by”. “I am gonna hook up with a lady this season for a serious relationship”. “I am ready to settle down for marriage. I hope to find a suitable marriage partner this season”.

The above expressions and many more are what people express in readiness to settle down for marriage.

Maturity for marriage is one thing while availability and accessibility for a relationship and marriage is another thing entirely. Some are mature and ready but never accessible.

The dating game is evolving on daily basis with various sources through which people could easily interact with one another growing exponentially. We now have options such as internet dating, radio connections, dating blogs, facebook, twitter (especially “sliding” into DMs) etc. Despite these options, there are still a great number of mature men and ladies who are ready for marriage but are finding it very difficult to hook up to prospective spouses (mates). They are simply not available!!!

No matter how great a good or service is, if it is not made available and accessible to the users, the aim of creating such goods or services remains defeated. Many people are so engrossed and consumed in their jobs and career that they hardly have time to socialize. Others are simply introverts who so much love their companies. For such people, the approaching Christmas holidays is a great opportunity to positively mingle.

When one is mature and ready for marriage, the next step is to be available and accessible for a relationship and marriage!

Positive socialization plays an important role on how soon one gets hooked up for marriage. In as much as I don’t advocate or encourage flirting around, socializing positively and moderately is important for singles to mingle.

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. It is a period marked with increased travelings and celebrations. Many relationships are initiated during this period. Some of such relationships lead to happy ending of marriage while others are mischievous actions of play boys on their victims.

So, shine your eyes!

The following conscious efforts can help to increase your availability and accessibility for a relationship and marriage in order to initiate a meaningful relationship with a potential spouse this season:

  • Be confident but not arrogant: Carriage matters and first impression is important in initiating a lasting relationship. Have confidence in yourself. Love and value yourself and don’t be desperate for a relationship. For the ladies, don’t sell yourself or cheapen yourself just to be in a relationship and for the guys, a “No” may mean she is not good enough for you.
  • Be cheerful: Everybody desires a pleasant companion. A smiling face won’t hurt.
  • Neat and smart dressing while going out: Packaging attracts while character sustains! It does not necessarily have to be expensive. Keep it neat, smart and moderate! This is not time for lousy dressing.
  • Attend social gatherings: You can gate crash at some social gatherings like white weddings, Traditional marriage ceremonies, anniversary parties, etc that don’t need invites for entrance
  • Attend religious gatherings: If you are a christian, attend church services, crusades, revival meetings, conferences, camp meetings, cross-over-night services etc. For my brethren in the Eastern part of Nigeria, these gatherings are highly recommended for meeting potential marriage mates . In fact, I have a very close friend who is happily married to the guy she met at a cross-over-night service.
  • Attend organized football matches and other sporting activities: This also comes very handy for my Eastern brethren as many successful marriages have been initiated through this.
  • Go and see movies: For those in the cities, go see movies either alone or with friends
  • Be happy: Finally, Whether a positive relationship is initiated this season or not, have positive fun and be happy. Happiness is a duty you owe yourself. Don’t let anything compromise your joy and happiness! There is always a next time. It is only a matter of time!


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