Hey guys, don’t get bored in that marriage. Get into yourselves and invade your lives! Yes!

Revealed here are tips on how to improve and boost your marriage.

You don’t need special planning and implementation techniques. Just keep it conscious and simple.

Paying extra attention to these tips on how to improve and boost your marriage can make all the positive difference you need!

  • Freely maintain bodily contact when you are together. Everybody craves for contact and feeling your spouse’s body can be quite magical. You can maximize this by holding hands while taking a walk together and sitting next to each other in restaurants tables rather than sitting across each other.
  • Hug and kiss more often: Don’t be stingy with the hugs and kisses. Aim for longer hugs and kisses, rather than the routine touch and pecks.
  • Spontaneous sex: Sex should not always be a routine. Have some spontaneous sexual moments together such as a quickie at the shower and in the kitchen or sitting room when you are alone. Make your sex life more of quantity, not just quality.
  • Continuously and consciously affirm your love verbally. It feels great when your spouse calls you your pet name and verbalizes his/her love for you. “I know you love me but I still want to hear you say it!”
  • Use the magic words freely and sincerely: Please, excuse me, sorry, thank you and pardon me should not be scarce in your relationship and marriage
  • Have fun together: Engage in healthy activities such as exercising together. Take a walk together while holding hands. Show interest in each other’s hobbies.
  • Don’t be too serious: Share jokes together and make yourselves laugh
  • Support and help each other
  • Emphasize and appreciate your strengths and positive attributes
  • Send lovely text messages phone calls when not together: You don’t have to wait till you get back from work or till the end of the day before you communicate romantically with your spouse. Keep the fire in your relationship and marriage on all through the day through texts and phone calls. This can be quite rewarding when you meet at the end of the day!
  • Talk about the daily activities at the end of the day.
  • Discuss your misunderstanding constructively and resolve any issues without procrastination.
  • Think about and even write down your spouse’s good deeds and appreciate him/her for such deeds. Appreciate the little acts of kindness.
  • Watch a romantic movie together and discuss it.
  • Engage in spiritual and religious activities such as praying, studying the Bible and attending programs together. These are opportunities to bond more.

Why not explore some of these tips this weekend and enjoy the positive effects they will have on your marriage?


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