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Be the chest

It usually begins with serious playing and delightful squealing. Then the squealing would turn to serious howling of either pains or hurt. The tenor of the crying usually tells me whether the hurt was serious requiring immediate and urgent attention or mere attention seeking strategy.

Whatever the nature or the reason for the crying, my youngest daughter and child always had the rough end of the stick almost anytime she is involved in playing with her elder siblings. Once she starts crying she would seek me out for comfort. Locating me is not a problem as she would always head straight to the bedroom where she knew I would be lying down resting after a hard day’s work.

Once she finds me, she would simply climb into the bed and lay down either beside me or on my chest. No complaint. No narration of what happened and no demand that justice be exacted on her elder siblings. All she needed was some comforting sounds and cuddling and the world would be at peace again. She might even sleep off or go back to playing with her siblings…..until another crying and history repeats itself within minutes!!!!

While comforting my daughter few days ago a thought crossed my mind. As she lay on my chest drifting off to sleep I mused on how everybody needs a “side of  the bed” or “a broad chest” to simply put ones head when life hits hard.

For me, that comforting bedside or chest can either be my wife or my God. I am also sure I am the same to my wife. As a married person, you should find comfort and also be a source of comfort to your spouse. Sometimes, no explanation is required. All that matters is that there is a listening ear to hear all the letting out and a willing chest to give you a comforting hug…. washing away all the stress.


If your spouse seems to look outside for comfort and consoling, rather than inside, then there is a problem. You should be the first and only physical shoulder upon which your spouse leans on at all times.

The question then is: Are you that shoulder or chest? Think about it.


Emeka Ihebie [Guest Writer]




1 thought on “Be The Side Of The Bed And The Chest…..

  1. chidimmaihebie says:

    Great! What a thought provoking article. The way marriage is being abused and the gap between couples widening, has gone a long way to encourage infidelity, separation and divorce among couples.
    If only couples should see themselves as one and “be the side of the bed and the chest”, things would be a whole lot better at the home front. Consistent and effective communication is the key. Thank you for this article. Keep the likes of it coming.

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