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The Diary Of A Working Class Mother


One of the unique features of females is the ability to multitask better than our male counterparts. Calm down dear men. My assertion is supported by research.

Hey guys! don’t be jealous, it is not the ladies fault (smiles).

Motherhood and career (either as an employer or employee) are two very challenging tasks. However, many women have very perfectly combined the two.

I am one of the millions of working class mothers all over the world and a proud one at that. Despite the challenges, we still strive and hustle to keep our forte at both the home-front and the work place. We pay our dues. We carve out our niches. We excel, shattering the so called glass ceiling. I think we (the working mothers) deserve some accolades for giving our husbands and children some form of financial assurance, while still maintaining our homes.

So, I dedicate “The Diary of a working class mother” page of my blog to all mothers, including past, present and future generation mothers who go the extra mile to ensure that their families enjoy that extra financial assurance or comfort. They wake up every morning to chase their career aspiration and make money along the way without neglecting their wifely/motherly duties at the home front.

Financial supports from working mothers can be in the following forms:

  • Self employed mothers that hustle to make that extra little income in that micro-business/service they provide.
  • Employed mothers that work nine to five (9 to 5) jobs, shifts, call duties, etc
  • Mothers that are employers of labour and CEOs of multinationals, etc

We the working mothers, despite our differences in background, financial status/capacity, tribe, religion and beliefs, have one common factor, which is: “family interest”! We always do it for the family. Believe us!!!!

Yes! We all hustle for family interest and that is our pride!

So, keep it locked down with us on this page because we are in for an obviously exciting and entertaining ride!

Let’s go guys!

Wait! One more thing guys. It is not all about my experiences as a working mother.

Yes! You heard that. You can share your experiences on the comment section.

Also, you can mail me your experiences so that we can feature it on this page.

We are good to go!


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