The Lost Car Key!


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The lost car key!

I woke up early enough as usual. Being a Monday morning, I was determined to start off the day at work in an impressive way.

So, after the morning prayers, I quickly arranged the meals, packed everybody’s lunch box (hubby’s, mine and the kids’), and did other early morning hustle with the help of my husband.

Then, I quickly dressed up and was set to leave for work. I dashed into the car, started the ignition and then to my utmost disappointment, noticed that the car didn’t respond well as usual. As I observed further, it became obvious that I couldn’t go to work with the car.

So, I quickly called a nearby mechanic, who wasn’t the usual mechanic I use for the car. When he came, I briefed him on the issue and quickly handed him the car key.

He drove the car off to his nearby mechanic workshop while I left for work. At work, I called the mechanic to follow up on what he was doing but his response wasn’t convincing enough to me.

When I was about closing from work, I called again, only for the mechanic to tell me that he had lost my car key. You can imagine my reaction!

I cut the phone call, then called back almost immediately to be sure I heard him right the first time and he repeated what he said to me earlier, that he lost my car key!

To cut the long story short, I got to his workshop after closing at work. Initially, I was really angry at him. However, after the initial “gara gara” (ranting) which didn’t produce any result, I had to calm down, and asked him to gradually narrate his movement after he picked the car. When he was done narrating, I figured out where he could have lost the car key and employed him to go with me to the place for us to search again.

He told me that he and his friend had gone there three good times to search for the car keys but could not find the keys. I somehow insisted that we go and check one more time.

Meanwhile, I was very tired and the only thing on my mind was how and when I would finally pick my children from school because it was already getting late.

However, we later went to the place, which was a bit far but we had to trek so we could search along the road.

On our way to the place, I prayed out that God should please help us to see the car key wherever it was.

So, when we got there, we were just talking and looking around. Guess what? Lo and behold there was the car key! by the road side!

We couldn’t believe our eyes!

Even when I said that prayer, I didn’t totally believe that we would find the key since the mechanic and his friend had gone there three good times to look for the car key.

I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity by going again and we were already talking about how to go about the protocols of a replacement since there is no spare key.

At last, we got the car key!

What a day!

One thing about life issues is that no matter what the issue is, there is always a way out (or a way forward), especially when we involve God.

No situation is hopeless, if only we could look at the issue from a way-forward perspective, rather than ranting aimlessly!

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