Unexpected Mess!


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Every second counts when it comes to week-day mornings. I try to maximize every second because that could make the big difference between being early at work or otherwise.

On this week-day morning, hubby was not in town and I had to do all the morning duties of preparing the kids for school alone. So, I had no other choice than to rush through most of my morning chores and duties in order to be early at work.

While in the process and when I thought I was already done, an unexpected mess happened. One of my children spilled his breakfast (tea) partly on the dinning table and the rest on me!

You can imagine how I felt!

Trust me, that’s not the kind of mess you would love to leave behind till you get back from work.

So, I had to quickly tidy it up. My saving grace was that I was not yet dressed up for work before the spill.

However, the unexpected mess that occurred made me decide to always factor in some extra time ahead in my daily preparation for work to avoid being late at work in case of some unexpected mess!

What do you think of my decision?

Have you ever experienced an unexpected mess on a weekday?




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