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Mixed up lunch

I am one of those mothers that pay extra attention to details when it comes to issues concerning my children. I don’t know how to keep quiet and endure a situation I am not pleased with, especially when I can talk it over with you and move on.

So, on this day, my children came back from school and as I was checking through their lunch boxes, I noticed something.

In my baby’s (one year plus) food flask, I saw little crumbs of spaghetti (which wasn’t her lunch), in addition to the little crumbs of the jollof rice which was her lunch.

I was surprised and didn’t know exactly how to rationalize what happened. I called my older child to come and help me double check, just to be sure I was seeing clearly. He checked and affirmed that the little crumbs of spaghetti was mixed with the jollof rice.

By then, a thousand and one reasons were already going through my mind on what could have caused that. Finally, I resolved within me that probably the teachers used same cutlery to feed my baby and the spaghetti baby. This my final resolution made me more upset with the whole situation.

I managed to calm my nerves and decided to first talk it over with my baby’s teachers first thing the following day and if I am not satisfied with their explanation, I will then escalate the matter to the school’s higher authorities because I can’t imagine my baby sharing something as personal as cutlery with another baby.

So, I got to their school the following day and after listening to the teacher’s explanation, I had no choice than to calm my nerves.

According to the teacher’s explanation, apparently, during lunch time, one of the children scooped a little of his food into my baby’s food flask when they were almost done eating. When I expressed my concern on sharing cutlery, the teacher stressed that they can’t try such.

Anyway, I bought her explanation because I know such can happen with children and I also encouraged her and her colleagues to be more observant with the children, and then we exchanged pleasantries.

One of the things I have learnt to do over the years was to always try and end whatever conflict or issues that involve my children and their teachers in a friendly note (tone).

This is because I will still leave my children in the care of the teachers after we are done quarreling. So, after the initial ranting and strong expression of displeasure over any issue, I still try to end it on a mild note, at least for the sake of my children.

The issue of the mixed up lunch made me realise that it is always good to hear from the other side before we conclude on any issue. Also, if only we can learn to approach our differences from a dialogue perspective, the resolution of conflicts will be much easier than we think.

Dialogue is the key!

Don’t you think so?


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