The Diary Of A Working Class Mother-Funny Farting Encounter


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Funny farting encounter

Have you ever passed by someone on a lonely staircase only for you to thereafter perceive a very foul smell?

This was my experience today.

As I was walking down a lonely staircase in my place of work today, I passed by someone, who was quite younger than me. Almost immediately, my nose was assaulted by a full blast of smelly fart.

The type of smell you release when your previous meal is a strong combination of boiled egg with beans and tea. What a “wicked” combination!

I was breathing freely and wasn’t expecting such. So, before I could cease my breath for a while, I had already inhaled a full dose of the RICH fart.

Almost immediately, I turned to call out the person, but he had disappeared. I had no choice than to hold my breath and hurriedly climbed the rest of the staircase.

But wait o!

Have you ever had a similar experience, either as the “farter” (the giver) or the “fartee” (the receiver)?

Tell us about it!




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