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Otedola Bridge Fire Explosion

It was a black Thursday evening yesterday in Lagos, Nigeria when a 60,000-litre tanker fully loaded with fuel exploded on Otedola Bridge along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Official reports had it that no fewer than 9 lives were lost, about 4 persons injured and over 50 vehicles razed by the inferno which occurred when the fuel tanker moving on the Otedola bridge, had issue climbing the bridge, then somersaulted and spilled its content.

Rescue efforts had been ongoing since yesterday.

The Nigerian Attitude Issues:

Nigerians, Lagosians in particular, why are we like this?

Why do some of us like benefiting from tragedy?

One of the killers of good relationships is taking undue advantage of someone’s misfortune.

Trust me, Lagosians, especially public transport drivers (Danfo drivers) are best at this.

Why is it that whenever there is an issue such as a heavy downpour, accidents, or fire explosions like yesterday’s own, most ‘Danfo’ drivers trade all sense of empathy and resort to public extortion of victims?

Some eye-witnesses of yesterday’s tanker explosion had it that after the explosion, traffic became quite heavy, which was expected and transportation fare skyrocketed from N300 to as much as N1000 to some places.

In other instances, there had been cases of people extorting from accident victims instead of helping them or calling for help.

There is also the issue of crowd control.

Why must we overcrowd accident scenes, thereby preventing rescue agencies from having free access to help victims?

Crowd control is always a major issue to contend with and yesterday’s inferno case wasn’t an exception.

The issue of Governments failure on its responsibility and proper enforcement of safety laws is story for another day!

In most civilized climes, such occurrences attract great empathy from the public who render several voluntary acts of kindness, including free transportation in order to help victims.

So I ask:

What is really wrong with us?




2 thoughts on “Otedola Bridge Tanker Explosion (Photos)-The Nigerian Attitude

  1. Emeka says:

    Sincerely something is wrong with some of us. The most dangerous aspect is that we profess and pretend to be nice until the real time of action. Then we show our true colours. Hypocrisy is a very deadly character.

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