Disadvantages Of Full-Time Housewife: What The Men Need To Know


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Housewife And Working-wife Syndrome- The Insecurity Of Men

One of the major concerns I had when I was younger and single was getting married to a man who would love to support my career development and aspirations. I knew that the full time house-wife life wouldn’t work well for me.

The issue of whether a woman should be a full time house-wife or take up paid employment/business has always created controversies in homes.

While some men distaste their wives being house-wives, others encourage and insist on it. Most women I have interacted with prefer to work or run a business to staying at home as full-time house wives.

Why do some men insist on their wives being full-time house wives?

I think most men who insist on their wives being full-time house wives base such decisions on financial considerations only. Some of those men believe that since they are capable of taking good care of the financial needs of their families, there is no need for their wives to work or run a business. In some instances, those men actually place their wives on monthly salaries.

On the other hand, some other men, out of ignorance and insecurity, insist on their wives being full-time house wives. These set of men can’t stand their wives having some financial empowerment. Apparently, their belief is that they would lose their respect at home once their wives are financially empowered.

Is that the case?

In my opinion, Full-time House Wife is going out of fashion because:

  • Things change: Change is the only constant thing in life. A man that is financially capable now may not remain so tomorrow. Sometimes the unexpected happens such as loss of job/employment by the man, business nose diving, untimely death, etc. If some of these negative life changes happen in a family where the man is the sole bread winner, it may make recovery by the family very difficult if not impossible. However, if the woman is employed/runs a business, she can easily lend a financial helping hand which can go a long way in enabling the family experience the recovery within a short time.
  • Intellectual benefits: When a woman actively engages her mind in working or building/running a business, it helps to develop her mind, intellect, and problem solving abilities. This in turn helps her to more efficiently manage her home, including training and rightly guiding her children. In other words, it makes her a better and more efficient wife and mother.
  • Psychological benefits: An idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. The life of a Full-time house wife can be excruciatingly routine-even though it can be quite engaging-and quite boring and depressing. There is a great sense of fulfillment that comes with higher productivity which working/running a business gives you.
  • Financial empowerment: There is no gain denying the fact that everybody wants some form of financial freedom and empowerment. As a woman, no matter how much money your husband gives you, there is a joy you feel when you get to contribute financially towards your family’s upkeep. It might be quite little but it means a lot. Also, it is not every time you would want to ask your husband to give you money for little things like recharge cards and body cream.
  • Less time for idle talk and gossip: Running a home is work and combining it with paid job/business is even more tasking. This leaves the woman with little or no extra time for idle talk and gossip, making her more positively productive.
  • More happiness for everyone: When a woman feels that she is adding more value to her life, family and the society, it makes her feel happier. Trust me, when the woman of the house is really happy, that means happiness for all. I bet you wouldn’t want to know otherwise.

A Word For The Women:

In my career journey, I know I am not where I would love to be yet, neither am I where I started. Life is all about different stages. In the life of a married woman, there may be times when you will have to take up or reject some jobs/businesses for your family’s interest. A working woman needs wisdom so that she can effectively create a balance between her job and her home.

In picking up paid jobs/starting up businesses, don’t despise the days of little beginnings. Just be consistent and diligent and you will reach your desired height.

There is dignity in labour as long as it is legitimate.

These days, technology has given us many options when it comes to making money. You can be a stay-at-home mother and still make your money through various on-line platforms and businesses. However, make sure you do your due diligence well to avoid entering into the wrong hands.


A Word For The Men:

It takes a visionary and understanding man to see the great potentials in his wife and also support and encourage her to achieve her career goals.

Empower your wife financially and you will reap the benefits because a financially empowered woman is also a financially empowered society! As my husband always says “The easiest way to be wealthy is to empower your wife”. Honestly, I am yet to see a poor husband of a wealthy woman.

Why do you think some men feel threatened to empower their wives financially even after knowing the benefits of such?

Also, how can a working woman create a balance between work and family?

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2 thoughts on “Disadvantages Of Full-Time Housewife: What The Men Need To Know

  1. Anonymous says:

    The truth is that being a house wife also has its advantages. So, if a man decides to insist that his wife be a housewife, it may no necessarily be as a result of insecurity or ego. I have a wife and she was once a house wife before she stared working recently. I know what life was like when she was a housewife and when she started working. When my wife was a housewife, she was always available for me and the kids. meals were always prepared on time. The kids were always with one of us anytime they are at home. Also, my wife was always available physically, emotionally and psychologically for love making. The home was always neat, well arranged and uncluttered. I was always able to face my job without the need to have to return home on time. However, on the other side of the coin is the financial burden and having to face an unfulfilled woman now and then. Now that my wife is working, there are a whole lot of prices to pay. She is not always available as before. She is always drained after coming back from work, so love making is no longer as sweet as it used to be as she may always be tired. Food may not be ready on time. The kids also pay the prices as we have to be dropping them with daycare even during holidays. We may not have as much time as we desire together due to stress of work and the need to rest as we need to get up early the following day.
    At the end of the day, couples should discuss and decide what they want. If this is done even before the marriage of thereafter with proper understanding, there will be no disputes. It depends on what the couple view as working for them.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Hmmmmmm. What a perspective.
      What I can get from this is that there is always a price to pay no matter the side you take.
      I think the most important thing is for couples to discuss it thoroughly with understanding and to mutually strike a balance.
      Compromise and proper communicate is also necessary. Thank you so much for sharing.

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