Campus Life “October Rush”: Na Dem Dey Rush Us


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Campus life “October rush”. Na dem dey rush us

I can still vividly remember a day in October of the year I gained admission to study at the university. It was day 001 of campus life for me. I had gone to school that very day to commence registration and that was how I got to encounter the famous “Campus life October Rush.”

There was this particular male student who was one of the guys hanging around the registration venue. As freshers, we didn’t know much places within the campus, and needed to ask for directions from older students. So, he came closer to me and was very willing to direct and even follow me around to some of the offices I needed to submit my documents/credentials for registration.

Campus life “October Rush”! Na Dem Dey Rush Us

Anyway, before then, I had already been inundated with stories and tutored by my elder siblings about October Rush, which they say was the period of wooing new students, mostly year-one girls (freshers) by male students who have been in the university in the pretext of helping or guiding them through the usually complex and rigorous registration process.

They call it October Rush because new sessions in the universities mostly start in October and it gives guys the opportunity to “rush” year-one girls for purposes ranging from genuine friendship to downright sexual-hit-and-run purposes. Therefore, most guys use this period to take advantage of naive year-one campus girls especially for the latter purposes.

On the second and third days of the registration processes, when I got to the university’s General Office , I noticed that my “Mr. October Rusher” was already hanging around the office as usual. As he did the previous day, he followed me around to continue my registration processes and I willingly allowed him to help me since his guidance was quite helpful then.

After my registration processes, my “Mr. October Rusher”, who said he was in 300 level continued hanging around our lecture halls, waiting for me both before and after lectures. Meanwhile, I had no mobile phone then. This meant we had to see face to face before we could have any conversation.

When I got to know where he was going to from our conversations, I told myself I had to quickly stop whatever it was he was aiming at before I become a victim of October Rush.

“October Rush” Action:

When it comes to some issues, I don’t know how to apply diplomacy.

So, when I got to school the following day, I saw my “Mr. October Rusher” already lurking around our lecture venue as usual. In fact, I wondered if he ever went for his own lectures.

Anyway, when he saw me, he came around as usual. I decided to strike while the iron was still hot. I told him straight away without mincing words, to please stop hanging around my lecture venues, waiting for me because I was not interested in whatever he was looking for. Although he came around few more times, I continued to make it clear that I was not interested. That was how that chapter ended.

Na Who Dey Rush Who?

Whether it is called October Rush or something else, “stale” male students normally use that period to take advantage of the naive or unsuspecting “fresh” female students. Unfortunately, most October Rush end up as October Rape.

October Rush is more common with boys rushing girls. However, there are cases of girls rushing boys too.

So, na who dey rush who?

Na dem dey rush us?

Abi na we dey rush dem?

Are you a fresher?

You don’t need to be paranoid but please “shine” your eyes well as they begin to rush you!

Were you a Victim or Player of “October Rush”?

Share your experience with us at the comment section!




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