Campus Couple, The Good, Bad And Ugly


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Campus Couple
Campus Couple, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Campus Couple:

Chioma got admission into the university. After first semester in the first year, she became unusually close with Eric, her course-mate.

As time goes on, before the end of her year one, she moved in with Eric and they were referred to as “Best Couple” by their fellow course mates.

Shortly after they started living together, Chioma started missing lectures and was also adding more weight. By her mid second year, she graduated from missing lectures to missing tests. Meanwhile, Eric hardly missed any lectures.

By her third year in the university, Chioma had bagged so many carry-overs that she ended up not graduating with her set. When her mates where about to graduate, her relationship with Eric deteriorated and they separated.

Campus couple and freedom:

One of the things that come with university education is unlimited freedom. The freedom is such that if not well managed, can destroy the life of the “freed”. In fact the university gives you freedom that leaves you in total control of your time, decisions, choices and destiny in general.

Campus couple and double-life syndrome:

It is very common in the universities to see students living a lifestyle that is the exact opposite of what they are known for at home.

This double lifestyle reflects in various areas of their lives such as relationships, choice of clothing, attitudes and even “marital status”.

A student leaves parents/guardians home, collects school fees, accommodation fees and extra money for upkeep. Then the student gets to the university, secures accommodation off the campus and moves in.

Before long, he/she begins to make friends on campus, some of which are the aftermath of October Rush. Then, the friendship moves from casual to close friends, and finally graduates to being “boy friend” and “girl friend”

Before you could say “jack”, one of parties, usually the female, packs her belongings and moves in with the guy and they become “Campus couple”.

A Campus Couple is simply male and female (university students) cohabiting together as husband and wife without actually being married

Meanwhile, at home, the respective parents of the “couple” would believe they were living single lives at school not knowing that their wards are living “married” in school.

To the girl, she might believe she is saving both accommodation and up-keep money while enjoying the man of her dream. On the other hand, the young man would think he is enjoying wifely benefits without the commitment of marriage.

Unfortunately, in this unholy alliance, the ladies usually come out with the short end of the stick at the end of the day especially, as it happens most of the time, where the relationship does not last beyond the campus.

I ask: Who is fooling who?

Unprofitable ventures are not worth venturing into. Those in a Campus Couple relationships should realise that it does more harm than good; the most prominent harm being that it constitutes formidable distraction. Other disadvantages are considered below.

The Disadvantages and consequences of campus couple:

  • Missing of lectures: Remember you were sent to school to study. This is the first and most important rule. However, as a student, if you choose to combine academics with marriage/conjugal duties: for the lady, you cook his food, wash his clothes and also warm his bed at night, tell me, why won’t you miss lectures after exhausting yourself? As for the young gentleman, he gets to become a husband unprepared. He spends his time, money and attention on his “campus wife”. All these constitute distractions from studies with attendance of lectures being the first causality.
  • Poor academic performance: When you miss lectures, it will probably reflect negatively on your academic endeavours in form of poor performance.
  • Frequent carry-overs: When you miss lectures, perform poorly in tests and exams, you end up failing courses you should have passed. This leads to frequent carry-overs
  • Unwanted pregnancy and abortions: Actions have consequences and pregnancy is one of the results you get when you combine academics with conjugal duties prematurely. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy, you risk health complications and probably death for the lady with dire financial and perhaps terrible legal consequences for the young man if things go south! There is also the spiritual aspect of being internally scarred for life knowing that you intentionally terminated a life.
  • Missed opportunities for great relationships: The university is one of the places you can positively develop your mind through great relationships. However, if you choose to limit yourself to only one person instead of allowing yourself the opportunity to positively interact with many friends, you may end up shortchanging yourself.

Study shows that generally, only about five percent of campus couples end up marrying themselves while the other ninety-five percent don’t.

Going by the stories of university students who lived as couples while on campus, campus coupling should not be encouraged.

It is true that a small percentage of campus couples end up getting married later in life. However, being actively romantic and living as a couple with your partner long before marriage can make your marriage boring and dry if care is not taken because there is nothing new to look forward to, after exhausting yourselves before the marriage. In this case, marriage becomes a routine rather than an exciting adventure to be looked forward to.

So, is being a campus couple really worth it?

Were you part of a “Campus Couple” or do you know one?

Tell us!


2 thoughts on “Campus Couple, The Good, Bad And Ugly

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see campus coupling as distractions and unnecessary assumption of irrelevant responsibilities. Moreover, the possibility of the relationship lasting beyond the campus is quite slim. people came to campuses for a purpose. They should face. Although I was not involved during my days at the university, I knew some who did. All of them did not end up marrying one another. The only couple from my class who ended up getting married in class were dating each other but I doubt if they were co-habiting.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Interesting! Campus coupling is a distraction indeed. Life is all about times and seasons and there is time for everything.
      Good to have your opinion.

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