Courtship Or Waste Of Time?


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Courtship or waste of time?


I have been married for over eight years. Yet, my husband and I still give ourselves occasional surprises in terms of actions and responses/reactions.

In other words, it is almost impossible to completely know everything about your prospective spouse. However, effective courtship can help both of you to understand to a great extent how compatible you are so that you can finally decide on whether or not to go ahead with marriage.

Courtship is a period meant for intending couples to properly interact and study themselves so that they can finally decide whether or not to go ahead with marriage.

When you maximize your courtship period, and it finally leads to marriage, you will notice that you have built solid bond of friendship between yourselves that you become inseparable.

This bond of friendship, as you make it stronger, is one of the major pillars that will sustain your marriage in times of crises.

However many people who claim to be in courtship are just wasting their time instead of maximizing their courtship period. Courtship period is not for exploring your bodies!

Trust me, if you eventually get married , you will have all the time in the world to explore yourselves.

Excessive romantic emotions during courtship can becloud your objectivity and sense of proper reasoning.

If you use all your courtship period romancing and exploring your bodies, I wonder what you would look forward to during your wedding night and honeymoon?

Give yourselves some break on exploring romantic emotions and use the courtship period to discuss and plan for your future together.

As you plan, you express different views, opinions, emotions, actions and responses, including disagreements. All these help you to understand yourselves better, teaching you how to handle and resolve crises even before the marriage.

When you maximize your courtship, you will easily notice any red lights and address them properly before making the ultimate commitment of marriage.

Most times, the red lights are so glaring yet people ignore them and proceed with serious commitment in such relationships.

You can check out our article on Courtship and all you need to know for more insight.

Do people really change their character after marriage?

Can someone TOTALLY conceal his/her real character and attitude before marriage?

Is it that the other party was not sensitive and attentive enough to notice the red lights?

Can someone who used to be so caring and loving suddenly become a spouse beater/abuser?

What do you think?


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