I Rant For Nigeria My Country


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Nigeria my country
I rant for Nigeria my country

Nigeria my country:

I spent over two hours today on a journey from Yaba to Lagos Island that ordinarily should have taken me about fifteen minutes or less. Honestly I had a raw taste of unresponsive and irresponsible leadership that has refused to make Nigeria work!

Where in the world do they use major roads, express ways and tops of bridges as parking-lots for heavy duty vehicles? Apparently our leaders did not learn anything from the recent disaster that happened in Italy when a bridge collapsed and killed a lot of people.

Nigeria my country

Major Roads Are Parking-lots In Nigeria My Country:

I am yet to see a sane city with a responsible government where heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, tankers, trailers are permanently parked on major highways and bridges. Unfortunately, this has become a common and “normal” sight in Lagos State and has been like that day after day, week after week, month after month and now year after year!

In fact, it is “abnormal and surprising” to see a major road or bridge in Lagos that doesn’t have some heavy duty vehicles parked on it. The devastating effects of these packed vehicles on the bridges are better imagined than experienced!

Why Lagos? Lagos is the economic and financial capital of Nigeria. Lagos has a population of over 14 million people, and is currently the second most populous city in Africa. It is estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa.

Traffic is a major issue in Lagos as is experienced in most economic cities. However, Lagos traffic is not just the “normal” traffic associated with cities with high economic activities. It is highly man made and mostly avoidable. Most of the major cases of traffic experienced daily by Lagosians is as a result of these stationary heavy duty vehicles parked daily on the major roads.

Effects Of Major Roads as Parking-lots In Nigeria My Country:

How can government at all levels (Federal, State and Local) in Nigeria my country fold their hands and watch this disastrous time tick away? Can our leaders say they don’t see the effects of what the citizens are subjected to on daily basis:

  • untold and very much avoidable hardship
  • stress
  • health challenges
  • loss of productive hours
  • loss of resources
  • loss of life?

Why is Nigeria my country like this?

Why is Nigeria the way it is?

How did we get to this level of decadence and crass irresponsibility?

What can we say really works in Nigeria?

Leadership In Nigeria my country:

  • Most public vacancies are advertised, interviews conducted but those who finally get the jobs are people that never attended the interviews.  It is all about “Who do you know?”
  • You generate your own electricity through your generator and you still pay for the “crazy bills” you get from the electricity distribution companies for not supplying you with enough electricity. We practically pay for darkness!!
  • Our leaders left our health system to degenerate while they travel abroad for slightest headache.
  • Our educational system is highly underfunded with lecturers going on strike almost on a yearly basis while the leaders send their children abroad to acquire standard and uninterrupted education.
  • Most of our leaders who loot our national treasure and stash them in foreign banks are celebrated.
  • A police man stops you while driving and asks you “anything for us?” If you don’t drop something, he then asks you: “where are your particulars and driver’s license?” You better have them up-to date.
  • Official price for drivers license is less than seven thousand naira but you will get to do it at nothing less than twenty thousand naira
  • International passport is officially less than twenty thousand naira put you hardly get it done at anything less than thirty thousand naira
  • You hardly get attended to on time in public institutions unless you grease somebody’s hands.
  • People render the services they are paid to render and still require you to drop something for “the guys” before leaving
  • Most contracts are awarded, not on merit and competence but on either who you know or whose hands you have greased.
  • The ranting continues…..


“I get am before no be property” is a common pidgin adage in Nigeria my country. One of the hallmarks of great leaders is the ability to sustain and retain good works. We have had several leaders and political parties since independence in 1960.

Most Nigerian leaders experienced the good old days of Nigeria. These include:

  • One naira to one dollar exchange rate: History has it that in the 70s to early 80s, the naira exchanged for something like 90 kobo to $1.
  • Education through various scholarship schemes.
  • Job/employment availability even before graduation.
  • Fairly equipped educational institutions
  • Availability of basic amenities such as pipe-born water, etc

Why is it so difficult to have these wonderful good old days back in Nigeria? When are we going to have leaders who will be willing to really lead and not plunder the treasury? Where are the responsible leaders in Nigeria?

I saw how all forces, including security operatives and helicopters were deployed to rescue a dog in danger in one of the foreign documentaries I watched. I marveled at such a high price and value some countries placed on the life of a common dog! Remembering how Nigeria values the lives of her citizens, I almost wished to be a dog in such countries! (laughs).

How do Nigerian leaders value the lives of the citizens?

A good relationship takes time, effort and commitment from both parties to develop. It is neither automatic nor one-sided!

We preach patriotism a lot in Nigeria. Yes, I am a great fan of patriotism. However, responsive and responsible government is the easiest way to drive patriotism in the citizens.

Nigeria my country is called The Giant of Africa. Of course we are! With the great population and human resource, which placed the Current data on the population of Nigeria as over one hundred and ninety nine million (over 199 million) people and abundant natural resources.

If indeed Nigeria my country is The Giant of Africa,

How exactly did we get to this level of decadence?

How can we get out of this mess?

You are free to rant for Nigeria your country, but remember “To be Faithful, Loyal and Honest”!



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