Regular sex boosts mental health in women

Regular Sex Boosts Mental Health In Women

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Regular sex boosts mental health in women
Regular sex boosts mental health in women


Dr Maymunah Kadiri, A psychiatrist and the Medical Director of Pinnacle Medical Services on Saturday, advised married women to have regular sex in order to prevent mental breakdown and depression.

She said:

“As women, there is need for us to make our spouses our best friends if we want to be mentally healthy.


“Studies have shown that women who have more active sex and are in long-term relationships are less likely to be depressed than women who go without sex.


“So, more sex is important and essential. It is a remedy for persistent headache in women.


“Low sexual drive, which leads to depression, should be looked into. A woman can be depressed when her sexual drive drops.


“Frequent sex can play a role in women’s sense of well being and quality of life.’’


”Orgasms trigger the release of endorphins which are happy hormones secreted by the brain that act as effective painkillers,’’


Source: Punch

News Issue:


So regular sex is remedy for persistent headache in women?

What about women that use “headache” as an excuse for not having sex with their husbands? (Smiles).


In other words, to reduce the rate of depression and madness, married women should have sex REGULARLY with their husbands.

Husbands, you have got the license you have been searching for.

The “I have headache” excuse no longer holds!


Wives, if you have “headache”, if means you want to do!

Don’t you think so?

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