IMPOSED MARRIAGE? Nigerian Bride Looks So UNHAPPY On Her Wedding Day (Photos)


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Imposed mariage? Unhappy bride
Imposed marriage? Unhappy bride


The wedding photos of a Nigerian bride looking so unhappy on her wedding day while the groom looks so happy got me curious.

The puzzling part is that the groom was all smiles and looks quite excited on ALL the wedding photos shared here while the bride had no smiling face on any of them.

The wedding day is arguably the happiest day in any lady’s life and is mostly shown by the bride’s face radiating obvious joy and happiness.

However, this was not the case in the wedding photos of the couple shown here.



Imposed marriage? Unhappy bride
Imposed Marriage? Unhappy Bride

Unhappy and sad looking brides are not very common sites on wedding photos.

So I ask:

What could really make a bride to look so unhappy on her wedding day?


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