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Family time
Family time priority

Are you as enthusiastic as I am about this holiday season? Family time priority is key this season.

One of the unique things I cherish about holidays is that they bring family members together.

On the other hand you can get carried away with activities during this Christmas season that you forget to spend some quality family time together.

How To Maximize Family Time Priority This Season:

  • Exercise together: Physical exercise helps to boost morale and confidence. Exercising together as a family is a great way of bonding together as a family.
  • Eat together: Make it a point of duty to share at least a meal together as a family. Making dinner the family meal is great. However, choose the meal of the day that works best for your family.
  • Do chores together: Division of labour is good but working together once in a while stimulates love and tolerance within the family. Once in a while, compromise and do the cooking, dishes, laundry, car washing, gardening etc, together as a family.
  • Play together: Play both outdoor and indoor games together with your family. On this game matter, it’s been a while I played scrabble with hubby and I look forward to beating him on the game this season. (beating hubby in my mind indeed!). Enjoy tennis, video games, chess, monopoly, football, etc together with your family. You can even learn a new game together as a family.
  • See movies/cartoon together: If your kids are still young, watching their favourite cartoon with them can leave them with an unforgettable experience. Also, see a movie of your choice with your spouse.
  • Family outing: Get out doors and have fun with your family. Go to beach, picnic, park, sightseeing, sporting events, walk/stroll, etc.
  • Share stories: Read out short story books, bible stories, and discuss together as a family. It can be fun!
  • Control distractions from phones and gadgets: These can be a great interference to enjoying family time. Applying some mutually agreed restrictions on access to phones and gadgets during family time can help to improve the quality of your family time.
  • Share jokes and laughter: Laughter can be therapeutic. Don’t be too serious with life. Loosen up and share some jokes and laughter with your family. You can take turns to share jokes. This can be a great source of stress relieve to everybody. Try it.
  • Talk and listen to yourselves: Share past fun family memories.
  • Pray together: The age-long saying that “a family that prays together stays together” is still relevant. Share spiritual moments together such as praise and worship, prayer, family retreat, fellowship, etc. This can be both refreshing and rewarding.

There are other ways to have quality and delightful time with your family this season. Put on your innovative caps and craft a mind blowing experience with the most important set of people in your life.

After all, as they say “Family is not just the only thing. Family is everything”.

So how do you intend to spend time with your family this season?


2 thoughts on “Family Time Priority

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      In fact, one needs to consciously create family time because too many things fighting for time can choke up family time if care is not taken.

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