Christmas Salary Matters


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Christmas salary matters
Christmas salary matters

Christmas has made the month of December to be quite unique as it affects various employment related decisions, including December salary payment time and amount.

Christmas salary matters
Christmas salary matters

Many employers of labour pay their employees December salary earlier than other months and some even pay extra in form of bonuses and thirteenth month salary.

However, there are sets of employers who are not influenced by Christmas season. To this set of people, Christmas does not affect their salary payment time or amount. They maintain their salary payment time at the end of the month, Christmas or no Christmas.

So I ask: As an employer/employee, when would you like to pay/be paid your December salary?

  1. Before Christmas?
  2. After Christmas?
  3. First week of January?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Salary Matters

  1. Anonymous says:

    If I am earning a side income, I will not mind being paid at the end of the month. However, everything depends on the contract of employment..

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