Life Is A School-Happy New Year!!!


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Life is a school
Life is a school-Happy New Year

As a teacher, I like relating things with the school system because I believe that life is akin to attending a school.

Yes!!! Life is a school. Everyday, you go to school, have classes and lessons taught by different teachers and instructors.

Each of the teachers have different methods of teaching. Some teach you the easy and fun way, others teach you the hard way.

As a school cannot run successfully without classworks, tests, assignments, homeworks and examinations; so also is life.

As you run through your daily activities, life tests you with the various classworks. The classworks include the daily challenges you need to overcome before you can make further progress in that particular day. They could appear in form of choosing the truth and integrity over lies and fraud, being punctual and diligent instead of being lackadaisical at work/business, etc

As a mathematics teacher, after teaching my students a particular mathematical principle, I give them classworks to test how well they have assimilated that particular principle.

The students’ performance on the classwork will determine if I will move on to the next principle/topic or lay more emphasis on the present principle.

You don’t procrastinate the classworks. You have to resolve them before you can progress further.

The classworks in form of homework/take-home assignments are the challenges that may not require urgent or immediate solution/response such as getting an additional training on your field/career, learning a new skill, etc.

However, how you handle the homework/assignments affects your performance and progress in the long run.

The termly and end of session examinations are a cumulative of all the tests. If you are prompt and diligent in handling the tests, then your final examination will be a walkover. If not, then the final examination could be a serious hurdle. I bet you wouldn’t want that.

Life is a school and in the school system, different students have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Some pass all their exams in one sitting and graduate with distinctions. Others may have to sit for their exams multiple times and graduate with upper and lower credits.

There are others who get overwhelmed with school activities and may eventually toe the inglorious path of having to drop out of school.

For them, unless drastic steps are taken, they may become failures in the school of life. However, the worst thing that can happen to anybody is to approach life in a hopeless state. Giving up even before the classes commence.

Once there is life, there is hope.

In life, there is hardly the one single step that does all the magic to great success. Simply put; there is no secret to success.

There are multiple steps to success. If you consistently take the right steps, you will definitely have/achieve great success.

Remember that life is a school. So, get up, and approach this year with all the energy, positivity and enthusiasm that it needs.

Welcome to 2019!!!

Happy New Year!!!


2 thoughts on “Life Is A School-Happy New Year!!!

  1. Angel says:

    I agree with you completely
    (according to my boss)
    Happy New year too.
    We are as always expecting more inspiring write ups this year from your platform .
    Last year was good and this year should be better.

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