Did You Marry Daddy As Virgin?


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Did you marry daddy as virgin?

My intelligence as a mother is challenged daily by the high level of curiosity displayed by my children. I know other parents can relate with this.

In fact, sometimes, before I say some things, I take a little time to ponder on what I want to say and the likely questions that my ever curious children can generate from what I want to say. 

The Billion Dollars Question:

This morning, we were all busy getting ready to go out: the children preparing for school and I for work. As I just entered the sitting room to check something and proceed to the kitchen where I was busy packing everybody’s lunch pack, my eight year old son took me off-balance with this question:

“Mummy, did you marry daddy as a virgin?”

Hmmmm! You can imagine my reaction. I was speechless. Immediately, I looked at my husband who was also in the sitting room. He was trying so hard to suppress his smile.

Apparently, a television station was interviewing a woman and the woman said that she was still a virgin at age twenty six. That was what led my son to ask me if I was a virgin when I married his daddy.

What a JAMB question!

My Reaction:

I first asked him who a virgin is and he said that a virgin is somebody that cannot give birth. What an answer!

My Challenge:

I was then faced with the challenge of explaining who a virgin is, without being too detailed for his age. So, I told him that a virgin is someone who does not allow other people to touch or play with his/her private parts.

Afterwards, I proceeded to answer his one billion dollars question, which is:

“Mummy, did you marry daddy as a virgin?”

If you are as curious as my son in knowing the answer to this question, then keep visiting this blog regularly because the answer will soon be released in upcoming episodes.

In the mean time, let me get back to answering more JAMB questions from my children because as far as they are concerned,

“mummy and daddy know everything”!

I really pity you if you are the type that combines the role of mummy and teacher like me because to them, you know more than everything!

Now your own JAMB question/classwork (Remember I am a teacher):

Who is a virgin? Explain to a child!


4 thoughts on “Did You Marry Daddy As Virgin?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell us the truth jare! After all Mrs Mary Joseph married Mr. Joseph in the bible as a virgin. She is also the first ever pregnant virgin. I don’t know why ladies hide this beautiful information. Either you married as a virgin or you did not. By the way it is a thing of pride to marry as a virgin. However, those who married after giving away the cookie jar can still make good spouses.

  2. Emeka says:

    My explanation of who is a virgin to a seven years old will go like this “a virgin is someone who has never had a coitus or involved in copulation with a man or a woman.” If he asks what is coitus or copulation, I will advise him to ask me again in three months, but also reiterate the advice that he guides his private parts jealously. Simple….

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Really? This your explanation sounds to me like what would end up confusing the poor boy the more. Anyway, 50%, fair attempt! I am not too generous with marks as a teacher. Thank you!

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