How To Fuel Your Hustle


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Fuel your hustle
Fuel your hustle

Take hustle out of life and life becomes boring. So, fuel your hustle!

Sometimes, when I reflect on the different shoes I wear as a woman, it makes me feel so excited about life.

For instance, as a woman, I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a blogger and other personal stuffs. These are my hustles.

With the “Google Fuel Your Hustle” thing serving as a reminder, I always think of how to fuel each of my hustles.

As a wife, I read things, research, and experiment on how to be that wife that always takes the breath out of her husband in all areas, including the kitchen and “za oza room”. If you care to know how much success I have recorded on this, ask my husband (the experimental specimen).

As a mother, I try to learn and implement better parenting and disciplining practices. Though dealing with my children’s increasing curiosity and inquisitiveness is still a challenge.

I fuel my teaching hustle by consistently and regularly updating my lessons and also by attending seminars and trainings.

As a blogger, this post you are reading is a proof that this side of my hustle is also being fueled. For the other personal stuffs, time will tell!

One of the ways to fuel your hustle is to move from general to specific plans.

Remember that we are still in January and the year is quite young.

So, how do you intend to fuel your hustle this season?


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