Scientists Explain The Best Age Difference to Make A Relationship Last


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Scientists explain the best age difference to make relationship last
Couples with different age differences

Some people consider age difference in relationship and marriage to be inconsequential in determining how long a relationship or marriage lasts. To such people, age is just a number. However, scientific research shows otherwise.

According to this research, age difference between couples contributes a lot to how long the relationship lasts.

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Research findings: what’s the best age difference?

There were a number of interesting age-related findings from this study. Let’s break them down one by one.

One-year gaps: Let’s start with couples born within 12 months of each other. Relationships involving spouses with a year or less in age difference were found to have lasted the longest, only having a 3% chance of breaking up.

Five-year gaps: Married couples with an age gap of approximately five years have a divorce rate of 18%

Ten-year gaps: Couples with a 10-year age gap between them have a divorce rate of 39%

Twenty-year gaps: Relationships with age gaps of twenty years have the highest chance of divorce by far, with their rates set at a whopping 95%.

This means that the relationships that last the longest and, presumably, are the most positive, involve minimal age gaps. The higher the age gap, the more likely the chances of divorce.

Source and Details: Power of Positivity


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