Valentine’s Day- My Story


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Valentine's Day

14th of February, 2009, was the very first Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my Mr. Lover Boy.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day-My story

Prior to that day, I had always observed while others celebrated Valentine’s Day. Honestly speaking, Valentine’s Day has never really excited me. This is probably because the “boyfriend/girlfriend” thing wasn’t my thing. All through my secondary school and university days, I had male friends, but I was never really into romantic relationship with any of them. In popular parlance, they were my friends but none was my boy friend. (Yes, there is a difference between male friends and boyfriends).

So, Valentine’s Day never really gets me excited. The highest I have ever got to be celebrated on a Valentine Day was when my junior students gave me some innocent gifts while in secondary school. However, 14th February 2009 was to be quite different as I was already dating someone before then. As that day approached, I was supper excited that for the very first time, I would celebrate Valentine’s Day (Lover’s Day), with a real lover, not just students sharing gifts among themselves.

I had just returned from NYSC where the relationship commenced the previous year, 2008. As I think about it now, I still feel butterflies were flying inside my stomach. 14th February, 2009 was a Saturday. A perfect day for my first Valentine’s Day experience without the interruption of work. I could barely wait for the Friday night to be over. In fact, it was one of my longest nights. Then, I was staying with my big sister in Lagos, Nigeria.

When the long awaited Valentine’s Day morning finally came, I was quite prudent in discharging my weekend and house chores duties in order to avoid any obstacle to my first Valentine’s Day outing with my Mr. Lover boy.

Finally, the hour came and my Mr. Lover boy came around to our place to pick me up for our long anticipated Valentine’s Day outing. I couldn’t explain how I felt that day. All I know is that it was a mixture of love, joy, excitement and fulfillment.

In the midst of the Valentine’s Day outing, my Mr. Lover Boy gave me a surprise I wasn’t really expecting that day. He officially proposed marriage to me! In his words: “Baby, will you marry me?” I laughed because we were already planning our future together after his unofficial marriage proposal during our NYSC period. Anyway, I gave my official “Yes” to his official proposal and our official courtship began.

It’s been ten years since my first real Valentine’s Day experience. As at yesterday, 13th February, 2019, I didn’t remember that the next day will be Valentine’s Day. I was only reminded of it when one of my colleagues at work wore a new set of jewelry that her husband gave her as Valentine’s gift to the office. Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t really looking forward to this year’s Valentine’s Day as I was ten years ago.

The reason is not because I no longer love or feel excited with my Mr. Lover boy (now Mr. Lover man). However, I realized that if you are really and truly in love, then every day is your Valentine’s Day.

Yes! This is because daily, you are faced with situations and decisions that test and challenge your loyalty and commitment to the one you claim to love and how you respond to these decisions and challenges is the true and real test of Valentine.

You may share special gifts with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but every day is an opportunity to share and celebrate love with the one you love. Maximize those opportunities!!!

This is my Valentine’s Day story.

You can share yours.


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