Awesome! Professor Holds Student’s Baby While Teaching Maths (Photos)


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Professor Holds Student's Baby While Teaching
Professor Holds Student’s Baby While Teaching

A mathematics professor at Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia, Nathan Alexander, was photographed holding a student’s baby as he gave a lecture on Friday.

News 18 had it that the student in question came to the class with his infant daughter due to being unable to find a babysitter or anyone else to watch her, the professor offered to hold her so that the student could take notes on the lesson.

Vaughn posted, “Student came to class today with his child due to no babysitter or anybody to watch her while he was in class, My professor NATHAN ALEXANDER said “I’ll hold her so you can take good notes!” #HBCU #morehouse #Respect.”

Below are some screen shots from Vaughn twitter handle:

Quite interesting!

This reminds me of when I had to go write a post graduate examination at The University of Lagos, Nigeria with my four-days old daughter. My husband came along with me.

My lecturers were quite supportive and they allowed me to go breastfeed my baby in-between the examination period.

In fact, with this kind of support from the institutions, not only the academia, I believe that parents, and mothers in particular, will be encouraged to pursue their careers and dreams.

Thank you Professor Nathan Alexander and a big shout out to my Unilag Chemistry Department lecturers. You guys rock!!!

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