Our 9th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!!!


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Wedding anniversary
9 years wedding anniversary

Yeeeeeesssss!!!! It is our [my husband’s and I] wedding anniversary and I am so happy and excited!!! Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!!!

What started as a very small ceremony on a Thursday afternoon has blossomed into an awesome priceless relationship which is positively shaping lives and fulfilling destiny through three lovely kids.

Exactly nine years ago, we said “Yes” to each other. Before then, there was the proposal and our wedding.

9 years ago

Although our marriage began on 18th day of March, 2010, our relationship started quite earlier than that. We have always been friends, then lovers before we became husband and wife.

Since we said “Yes” to each other nine years ago, we have had to:

·         Share our lives together

·         Argue and make up

·         Face and conquer challenges together

·         Cry together

·         Smile and laugh together

·         Make tough decisions and live with them

·         Offend and forgive each other

·         Keep malice with each other, initially for days, now for hours and hopefully no malice-keeping in the coming years (one of our anniversary resolutions)

·         Agree and disagree with each other’s decisions

·         Be each other’s helper and lover

Our marriage may not yet be perfect, but we have really come a long way and intend to go further. Times of joy and success have been frequent while sorrowful times have been very few.

Apart from the God-factor, which is non-negotiable in our marriage, constant communication has helped us a lot, except for those few malice-keeping days which are fast fading away.

As we celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary today, we have no regrets whatsoever for sharing our lives with each other these nine years.

We have remained together not because we are perfect or we don’t have challenges, No. 

We are together because beyond our imperfections, challenges, quarrels and disagreements, we choose to forgive and apologize to each other even when we don’t feel like doing it.

 We choose to look beyond our shortcomings and focus on our strengths and what attracted us to each other in the first place.

We choose to ignore unnecessary third-party interruptions and focus our energy on building our marriage together.

We are not there yet but we are making progress and for that, we are grateful.

Once again, Happy Anniversary to us!!!


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