Qualities of motherhood

Unique Qualities Of Motherhood

Motherhood is beyond pregnancy or having a child.

Motherhood is a responsibility. It is raising a child.

Unique Qualities Of Motherhood Include:

  • Motherhood is sacrifice: It is giving up your time, rest, meals, sleep, leisure, pleasure, hobbies and sometimes your dreams and aspirations in order to be available for your child.
  • Motherhood is patience and tolerance: It is being able to control your anger and anxiety in dealing with children and their excesses. Children will surely get on your nerves, trust me!
  • Motherhood is forgiveness: It leaves you with no choice but to keep forgiving because you are sure of receiving constant offenses from the children.
  • Motherhood is humility: It makes you bring down yourself to the child’s level of reasoning so that you can understand and relate well with the child. Humility in motherhood teaches you that respect is reciprocal and makes you respect the child’s rights.
  • Motherhood is kindness: You get to be friendly, generous and considerate of children even when they are not your biological children.
  • Motherhood is long suffering: It equips you with the ability to exercise patience in handling and dealing with some really challenging situations that you never anticipated for in the motherhood journey of life.
  • Motherhood is foresightedness and proactivity: It makes you to be able to see ahead of the child and then exercise good judgement in guiding the child rightly.
  • Motherhood is inspiration: You become a mental stimulant and source of creativity for your children. Motherhood makes you an inspiration to ALL!!!

Are you a woman?

If “Yes ” Then you are a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the unique mothers out there!!!

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