Medication For Children And The Challenges


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Children’s health can be unpredictable. When children have health challenges, you have no choice but to go to the health professionals for their medication to avoid things getting out of hand.

Whenever my children have any health challenge that requires the administration of oral drugs, I get myself ready for the battle ahead. Yes o, really tough battle, especially for the youngest one. (two year old).

The challenge is not in getting the medication but in administering it.

After I administered BITTER oral medications for my children, my five year old daughter said:

“Mummy, when you gave me the drugs and said I should not throw up, I BELIEVED in myself and I swallowed it “

The two year old kept crying and singing:

” Mummy gave me BITTER drugs…”

But wait! Why would pharmacists and doctors produce and prescribe BITTER oral medications for children?

Is it not obvious that children and sweetness are synonyms?

Pleaseeeeee medical professionals, save us from this very avoidable battle by prescribing ONLY SWEET oral medications for children.

Urgent medical intervention is needed before my baby starts calling me: “BITTER Mummy”

Have you ever administered BITTER oral medications for children?

How did you go about it?


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