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Argument In Relationship- Merits And Demerits

Argument In Relationship:

Argument is part of a healthy relationship. I have heard couples express concern over how often they argue with their partners. The truth is that argument is part of communication and it is a better option than silence because silence is not healthy for any relationship.

Being two different individuals, it is not out of place to have different views and opinions on some issues. You can disagree to agree.

Merits Of Argument In Relationship:

  • Argument enhances communication between you and your partner
  • Argument helps you express your emotions and communicate your needs to each other
  • Argument helps you to voice out your concerns and frustrations in the relationship rather than keep silent and just act it out
  • Argument helps to open up your intentions and motives in the relationship
  • Argument enhances your growth as a couple
  • Argument can save your relationship from total collapse

When Argument In Relationship Should Be A Concern:

There is hardly a healthy relationship that is devoid of argument. However, it becomes an issue of concern if:

  •  The argument in relationship becomes so frequent to such an extent that you and your partner can hardly have a peaceful conversation that is devoid of argument.
  • Your argument is filled with disdain, disrespect and criticism
  • You both cannot agree after the disagreement
  • You keep malice with each other as a result of the argument
  • You and your partner could not find a common ground to move your relationship forward after the arguments.

So, when next you argue with your partner, make it constructive and use it to move your relationship forward.

How has argument helped you in your relationship?

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