Children and parenting

Children And Parenting: Happy Children’s Day

Children Are Unique:

Children are so unique and special. As a teacher and a mother, I spend all the twenty-four hours of my day parenting on daily basis. My parenting duties start at home each day, continues at the school and even when I get home, it never ends.

Dealing with children can be both sweet and strange. It is sweet because children are the sweetest set of people to be with and strange because you wonder how you could get both the most exciting and most frustrating parts of your day from the same source!

When it comes to professional copycats, give it up for children. They can copy virtually anything you do, including your name! Yes, it can get to that!

My two-year old baby copies everything she sees us do, including sit-up exercises. You can imagine a two-year old baby trying to do sit-up!

The Effect Of Early Childhood In Children And Parenting:

I love watching CBS Reality on DSTV a lot, especially some of their violent crime-related programs, involving murder and sexual crimes. The programs highlight ways through which some violent crimes involving rape and murder are investigated and finally concluded and the perpetrators of such crimes brought to book.

I noticed that most of the violent crimes investigated in the program have one common factor, that is, most of the perpetrators of these crimes had a disturbed or very unstable upbringing and early childhood.

Some of them suffered one form of abuse or the other in their early childhood and nothing much was done to correct the impact of such abuses, so, they grew up, became very bitter adults and then took to crime.

The early childhood years are a very vital aspect of children development. Ages zero (0) to eight (8) are so relevant in children development because they are the most formative years of a child’s life. They are the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, in the family, community, and in life in general.

Children are either made or marred within this age bracket and it takes special intervention to reform the characters that are already formed at this period.

Children And Parenting, Everybody’s Responsibility:

Effective parenting is a collective responsibility of ALL. You don’t need to be a biological father or mother to be a parent.

Bringing up responsible children who will take up leadership positions at different levels in the society requires work, discipline and sacrifice.

  • As an individual, remember that as you live your life on daily basis, there is a child somewhere copying and learning one or two things from you. Be the right example!
  • Are you a parent or a direct guardian to a child? Remember that your decisions and actions, do not only affect your child’s present but also his/her future. Be the right example!
  • Do you hold one leadership position or the other in the society? Don’t forget that your actions and inactions have both a direct and remove effect on that child out there. Be the right example!
  • As a government, know that your policies can either make or mar these little ones. Be the right example!

As we put heads together to effectively parent these little angels entrusted in our care, let us all try and be the right example to them.

Happy Children’s Day to all the Children out there!

Lots of love!!!

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