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Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world today, being Sunday, June 16, 2019.

Though I was welcomed to the fatherless club, precisely on July, 2016, when my beloved father went to the world beyond, yet the memories of the years I shared with my father will remain with me for life.

My father was a disciplinarian and a very hardworking man. Apart from the disciplining aspect, which wasn’t really palatable then (who really wants to be scolded and flogged?), I still remember with nostalgia, many fun memories I had with him while growing up.

When I was much younger, in my late primary to early secondary school years, I used to play a lot. Whenever my father saw me playing, he would call me back to come and read my books and I always responded with “I have read”. A few years later, when I got to know and understand the importance of reading and studying my books, my father started teasing me with the “I have read” phrase whenever he sees me studying.

Who else preferred spending “clean” money to “dirty” money when they were younger? I was in that category! From my college years, all through my university years, whenever my father wants to give me money, he always took his time to select the “very clean” notes for me. Yes! And it used to be fun.

All through the years that my parents were married, not less than fifty years, I never saw my father lift a finger against my mother! That was a very strong encouragement for me in the area of marriage, even at a young age.

What Being A Father Means:

Any fertile mature male can donate sperm and fertilize an ovum. Being a father is much more. Being a father is a huge responsibility.

What does it mean to be a father? Being a father means teaching and raising your children to be respectable adults. It means being available for your children by protecting and providing for them. A father should be a hero and a role model to his children. A father should encourage his children in their low moments, providing a strong shoulder to lean on and he should also celebrate his children’s successes with them.

A father is a leader who leads by example. He should be a living epistle that the children sees.

A father, being human, can make mistakes. He should be able to admit his mistakes and apologize when necessary, it doesn’t make him less heroic.

Fatherhood is beyond being a biological father. It is a full time job and a lifetime coach.

What is your legacy as a father?

The legacy of a good father is much more than money or property left for his children in his will. Rather, the legacy of a good father is the indelible marks, in the form of principles, characters, and attitudes inculcated in his children, which makes them respectable adults in the society.

As we celebrate father’s Day today, as a father, what legacy are you leaving behind in your children?

What exactly would you be remembered for?

Would your children remember you as a father that panel beats their mother or one that is loving and accommodating?

Would you be remembered as a peace loving father or one that sets the house on fire by promoting violence?

Do you show hard work and integrity or are you one of the “follow my words but not my deeds” father?

Would society remember you as a father that produced respectable adults in the society or nightmares to the society?

Being a father is not just a huge responsibility, it is also rewarding.

Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers!!!

You are an indispensable part of our lives and we love you!!!

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