Queen's College Student Wearing Eyelashes Saga

Queen’s College Student Wearing Eyelashes Saga (UPDATE)- Setting The Priorities Right

It is students’ trending season!!!

One of the raging trends on the social media is the video of Queen’s College student wearing eyelashes, artificial nails and make up. The student’s mother was seen in the viral video fighting one of the College’s security guards.

The gist has it that the woman, whose daughter is a student of the prestigious Queen’s College brought her girl to school with fixed eyelashes, artificial nails and make up.

Consequently, the girl was asked to go home. Other details regarding how the whole issue was communicated to the mother and how the security guards handled it was not so clear in the viral video which only shows the mother fighting one of the security guards at the college.

However, as part of damage control, the Caretaker Committee, Queen’s College Parent Teacher’s Association has issued statements on the viral video.

Vanguard reports that the Caretaker Committee condemned the action of the student’s mother and declared their support for the school management in enforcing discipline in the school.

According to reports, the committee also said that it intends to meet with the girl and her mother in order to find common ground and prevent a repeat of such incidence.

Matters Arising from the whole saga:

The Role of Parents/Guardians in Child’s Training:

A very important and desired aspect of being a child is the innocence that goes with childhood. However, sometimes, parents and guardians not only seem to forget this but also tend to force adulthood on children and teenagers.

Life is a game of cycles and there is time for everything. There is time for being a child and teenager and time for being an adult.

When children and teenagers are forced into adulthood, they receive adult pressures which obviously they are not prepared to handle.

The teenage years, especially for a girl, is characterized by increased attraction from the opposite sex (boys), among other things. When a teenage college girl wears fixed eyelashes, artificial nails and other make-ups, it increases the attractions from the opposite gender, thereby exposing the girl to increased unnecessary pressures and distractions. Is this what we really want for our daughters at such a young age? I don’t think so.

The college years are the times to fully concentrate on the studies and other positive personal developmental endeavours. They are not the times for fixing eyelashes, artificial nails and make-ups.

When a teenager spends most of the college years doing things meant for adults, I wonder what such a teenager would indulge in adult years.

It is obvious that parents can go to any length to protect their children. However, knowing when and where to draw the lines requires high emotional intelligence which, unfortunately is quite scarce among many parents.

The Role of the School:

The school also has a huge roll to play in all of these. If you ask me, I would say that the school could have handled this in a better way. I honestly believe that if proper procedure and tact with human management skills were adopted, the unwarranted negative publicity would have been avoided.

In line with that, I think:

  • Schools should be fair and firm in enforcing discipline.
  • Schools should constantly remind, both the parents and the students, their codes of conduct and expected punishments for deviant students.

The school and the home front both need to collaborate if a total child is to emerge from the education system.

Life is all about priorities and it is high time we set our priorities right so that we can achieve the essence of sending our children to school.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Queen’s College Student Wearing Eyelashes Saga (UPDATE)- Setting The Priorities Right”

  1. To me the action of the school security personnel at the gate is not acceptable,they have attracted negative publicity for the school in the sense they ought to report the case to higher authority of the school im mediately who will knock how best to handle the situation without any negative effect to the school .

    1. Interesting perspective you have there. While not excusing the mother’s behaviour, I also think that the school security team would have handled the whole situation better, to avoid all these negative publicity created.

      Thank you for dropping by, keep visiting.

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