Glad to be back despite COVID-19 pandemic

Glad To Be Back Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Glad to be back despite COVID-19 pandemic


It feels so great to be back despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not really back from any journey but back to resume writing on this wonderful and inspiring platform.

Its been a few months since we published here but we are glad to be back and better.

There’s no better time to encourage and inspire one another than now when the whole world is communicating with one universal, though undesirable language, the COVID-19 language.

In the midst of all the uncertainties surrounding us, and world powers being humbled by this COVID-19 monster of a guy, let us always remember that our humanity will always conquer any challenge of life if we work in unison.

As we practice social distancing, even in lockdown, either partial or total lockdown, let us reach out to one another in love, without touching of course.




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