Abba Kyari laid to rest

UPDATE: Abba Kyari Laid To Rest (Photos)- Is Social Distancing A Scam?

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Abba Kyari, who was until his death, the Chief of Staff to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was laid to rest today at Gudu Cemetery Abuja.

Abba Kyari was said to have died from COVID-19 complications on Friday, 17 April, 2020

Images from Abba Kyari’s Burial:

Abba Kyari laid to rest
Abba Kyari laid to rest
Abba Kyari laid to rest
Abba Kyari laid to rest

Watching late Abba Kyari being laid to rest today at Abuja, I couldn’t help but ask myself if social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic is a scam.

Nigerian law enforcement is generally known to be in two faces, one for the rich and highly influential political class and another for the masses.

The obvious fact that Abba Kyari died from COVID-19 complications should have been enough caution for our political class to take the issue of social distancing very serious.

Watching the crowd and the neglect of social distancing as Abba Kyari is laid to rest, I fear for Nigeria my country!

My people, when are we going to learn our lessons as a country?

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