between child discipline and child abuse

The line between child discipline and child abuse- Happy Children’s Day

between child discipline and child abuse

Sometimes, there can be a thin line between child discipline and child abuse.

These days, discipline is a big issue in child training, especially in a school system. With corporal punishment abolished or outlawed in many primary and secondary schools, both public and private, the issue of proper and acceptable disciplinary measures have become highly debatable, especially among the various stake holders, including parents and educators.

Many stake holders in the educational sector regard corporal punishment, which is physical punishment like caning or flogging, as child abuse.

Discipline is a very vital aspect of a child’s education. Moreover, many institutions of learning, including the higher institutions, don’t just award certificates to their graduating students just because of their academic performance. Rather, they award degrees based on the student being found worthy of the certification, both in character and in learning.

When proper discipline is removed from the education and training of a child, the result could be quite catastrophic. The end product is most likely to be young adults who are time bombs waiting to happen in the society.

How thick or thin is the line between child discipline and child abuse?

How can we harmonize child discipline with child training so as to produce young adults that are both responsible and responsive members of the society?

Happy Children’s Day

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