Before you say I DO for singles and engaged

Before You Say “I Do”- The Perfect Relationship Guide For Singles And Engaged-Here At Last

Growing up as a very young lady, I had this almost fear-like great concern about marriage, due to perceived high rate of divorce in the society.

Since then, the rate of divorce has even increased. One only needs to take a stroll to the Family Division of a high court in Nigeria or anywhere in the world to understand that divorce is assuming an endemic proportion.

This is not meant to instill fear in you, far from it. Rather, it’s for you to understand the magnitude of the challenge in order to fully appreciate and embrace the possible solution and way-out.

A marriage is like a house in many ways. Both require solid foundations.

The foundation plays a huge part in determining how blissful or otherwise it will be.

Having been married for over a decade, I can convincingly argue that most of the divorce, including problems and challenges bedeviling marriages are as results of faulty foundations laid before those marriages.

The popular saying that ‘if you fail to prepare, you have already prepared to fail’ is as applicable in marriage as in other areas of life.

Therefore, the book: Before You Say “I DO”, is written and highly recommended, mostly for singles and engaged, to help them make the right choices in relationships, sustain and build such relationships and finally say “I DO” for a fulfilling marriage experience.


About The Book: BEFORE YOU SAY "I DO"

Before you say I DO for singles and engaged

The book answers the following questions among others:

Is it a fling or a relationship? This helps you to decipher partners that are for keeps from the players.

How can you successfully woo that your dream girl? (The guys love this)

How compatible are you with your intending partner? This will help you to not only identify, but also work on your areas of incompatibility before saying “I Do”, for a smoother sail in marriage.

Is this relationship a healthy one or an unhealthy one? Knowing the obvious RED FLAGS to look out for will help you to answer this question easily.

How can I maximize my courtship for a successful marriage?

How do I position myself to be located by my partner? This may be all that you need to land your dream guy/babe, who knows?

How do I maximize my waiting period? Remember that life continues, no matter how long the waiting period lasts.
Lots more…

I also shared some of my personal experiences of over twelve years of consistent relationship.

What People Are Saying About The Book

"'Before You Say l Do', a refreshing relationship guide enriched more from the writer's personal experiences and background, culture and belief system . A deep and insightful guide." Vera Ejiwale (CEO, PraiseHill Academy).

“A concise and intriguing read. Chidinma draws from her wealth of experience to discuss crucial issues regarding Relationships and Marriage while dispelling modern-day myths, balancing the grey areas, and simply preaching the truth. She combines the wisdom of an elder with the knowledge of a millennial in this beautiful piece. I strongly recommend to every individual seeking to build a strong marital relationship.” Ayotunde Olumide. Pastor-in-charge of RCCG The King’s House

"Marriage is a union ordained by God; He has entrusted the education of same into the hands of a few who have been graced by him and has earned credibility through their success in marriage. Chidimma Ihebie is one of those few that has been graced to teach the subject of marriage and has earned credibility in same. Her book is sufficient a material to lay the foundation for a successful marriage. I recommend it for your reading." Destiny KINGSTON, PMP President/Founder, Destiny Kingston Ministries

"Very captivating and incisive lessons written in very simple and flowing manner." Emeka Ihebie , Legal Practitioner

"The counsels marshalled in this book cannot in any way be faulted. ‘Can two walk together, except they be agreed’: Knowing and agreeing with God makes it easier to finding the right spouse which will be agreeable/compatible with you. ‘Talk the talk in courtship and walk the talk in marriage’! Don’t forget that ‘a failed courtship is still better than a failed marriage’ Just read and digest the content of this book, put the required effort and discipline and I am rest assured you will have a good marriage. Shalom!" Brother Olujide Okunade Higher Ground Sanctuary.

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