World teachers day 2020

World Teachers’ Day 2020: “Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future”

World teachers day 2020

World teachers day 2020
World teachers day 2020

“Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future”
It all started like rumours, progressed into speculations and finally, the reality hit us!
That it wasn’t just a flu, but a pandemic! The coronavirus pandemic.
Then came the reactions and the responses.
Both planned and unplanned.
Before we know it, we were forced to close schools, and go for a few weeks break.
Weeks became months, and we are still counting.
However, did we relent and relax as teachers? NO! Because we know that relenting and relaxing will come with huge generational consequences.
Rather, we learned, unlearned and relearned.
We switched from physical to virtual.
From offline to online.
From normal to the new normal.
We participated  in seminars, webinars, training and workshops. Why?
Just to stay relevant in impacting knowledge and bridging generational gaps in learning.
We were resilient, determined, focused, self motivated and diehards!
Has the coronavirus pandemic gone? NO!
Did we accept it as excuse to truncate the learning process? NO!
Instead, we took advantage of the pandemic and delved into areas unknown and here we are, still searching, still learning and still evolving as teachers!
Today, World Teachers’ Day, 2020, as the whole world celebrates Teachers, I join in celebrating  my awesome colleagues and myself, for staying true to this most noble profession- The Teaching Profession!
We are fabulous Teachers and we ROCK!

Happy Teachers’ Day!


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