Be grateful

Be Grateful : Life Is Priceless

Be grateful
Be grateful


This year, 2020 is one of the years that will hardly be forgotten in history.

The year started with high hopes and expectations for so many people. Then the shocks began. First shock, the coronavirus pandemic, came with it’s fears, uncertainties and disruptions.

Then the #EndSARS protest, which led to the Lekki shootings and unprecedented loss of life and property. 

There’s also the high rate of insecurity in the land with maddening inflation rates. 

Despite all these and much more, we still made it to the last month of the year. 

What exactly are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for life 

I’m grateful for God’s everlasting love 

I’m grateful for you 

As the year draws to a close, share love, share hope and remain grateful for life. 

You may not have achieved all you planned to achieve this year, but remember that life is the biggest achievement of all. 

Don’t take life for granted. 

Be thankful for life and other achievements will follow. 

Life is a gift!

Therefore, be grateful! Be grateful 

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