New year resolution ideas

New Year Resolution Ideas-  Happy New Year!

New year resolution ideas
New year resolution ideas

New Year Resolution Ideas-  Happy New Year!


The end of the year and the beginning of a new year is always a great time for personal evaluation, reflection and review. 

As you go through this period of introspection, retrospection and stocktaking, either on individual or relationship levels, don’t forget that a lot of things happened in 2020 and staying alive to witness this period is a great and huge achievement on its own. 


As we wrap up 2020 and launch into 2021, remember all things are possible and achievable. 

The most effective barrier to your success and achievement is the self imposed barrier.

Also, your greatest push and motivation to achieving anything is your inner strength and personal push. 


So, would you rather mope over a thousand and one things that you are yet to achieve? Or would you activate your inner strength and personal push and get ready to explore and conquer your self imposed barriers and limitations?


As you forge ahead, remember that those goals and seemingly big dreams are very much achievable.

Breakdown your yearly goals and targets into monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly attainable steps. 

Don’t forget that seconds, minutes and hours accumulate into days, months and years. 


Be consistent: You don’t need one huge and magic step to get to your desired destination. All you need is consistency. Be deliberate and intentional with the little steps and decisions you take on daily basis. These are the steps that will accumulate to give you that desired and highly anticipated big win.


Have a workable and attainable daily progress plan: prioritize self development. Invest in books, seminars, webinars, training and workshops that will improve your skills and service delivery. Don’t get too comfortable in your comfort zone. Take calculated risks. 


Review your relationships: If you are married, review your relationship with your spouse, taking stock of how you’ve fared over time and possible areas for compromise, adjustments and improvement. If you are not yet married, also review the people and friends you allow into your inner circle. How have such relationships and friendships helped your life and progress?

You may need to let go of some relationships and friendships that constantly drain your positive energy. 


Have a positive and optimistic perception of life: Be ready and willing to get up and keep going no matter what life throws your way. Look out for hidden opportunities in every perceived obstacle and challenge. 


Don’t ever forget that it’s not yet over until you say so and the only limitations you have are the ones imposed by you!


So, get up and get going because all things are possible!!!


 Have a beautiful and prosperous year ahead!

Happy new year!!!

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