Choose to challenge

Choose To Challenge – International Women’s Day 2021

Choose to challenge
Choose to challenge

Choose to challenge!

International Women’s Day 2021!

Challenging every negative  status quo, norm, and culture, is never an easy task because they have a way of always fighting back.

It takes a great deal of both individual and communal effort to fight a negative status quo.

Women are very resilient, wearing different caps and fitting into all.

Therefore, as we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, we choose to:

Challenge Sexual Assault

Challenge Rape

Challenge Female Gender Mutilation

Challenge Under Age Marriage

Challenge every form of Female Subjugation.


Together, we choose to challenge!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!


2 thoughts on “Choose To Challenge – International Women’s Day 2021”

  1. Indeee, we say no to any form of maltreatment of women. Women deserve nothing but the best in life because they carry so much burden for their families and friends.

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