Principles for a successful marriage

Suggested Principles for a successful marriage 1: Introduction to Marriage

Principles for a successful marriage
Principles for a successful marriage

Suggested principles for a successful marriage is a series that will take us a while to exhaust, using several blog posts. So, I encourage you to keep up with subsequent posts on this.

Marriage can be quite tasking and demanding. However, when you imbibe and apply these principles for a successful marriage in your union, you will not only navigate through marriage successfully, but also enjoy and maximize your marriage to the fullest. These principles have helped and are still helping my husband and I to navigate through our marriage for over eleven years and still counting.  I sincerely believe that they can also help you in your marriage if you imbibe and implement them well. Marriage can be quite tasking and demanding but applying these principles can make you to maximize and enjoy your marriage experience.

In outlining these important principles for a successful marriage, it is important to note that every marriage is unique and different. Therefore, when you learn these principles, you should apply them in ways that are specific to your own marriage.

Suggested Principles for a successful marriage: Introduction to Marriage

  • Marriage is the idea of God and can be best described as a threefold cord made up of the man, his wife and God: God became the originator of marriage when He said ‘…It is not good that man should be alone…’ (Genesis 2:18 NKJV). Marriage, apart from being a union between a man and woman, is also a threefold cord with God being the third person in the union. The presence/participation of God is very relevant in having a successful marriage because it serves as the stabilizing factor. The God factor instills the fear of God and respect for God into a marriage. It makes the couple to see God as the accountability figure in the union and helps in regulating their actions positively. Moreover, active God factor in a marriage also means the presence of the Holy Spirit in the marriage and the Holy Spirit is the best guide that any couple can have in their marriage. A person who does not have the fear of God can do and undo anything in a marriage without minding the consequences. Therefore, the presence of God in your marriage is a strong recipe for a successful marriage. The mistake that some people make is that they profess to have God in their marriage but they do not give God the opportunity to guide their marriage. You need to let God.
  • Base your marriage on the scripture (the Bible): What is the very first thing you do when you buy an electronics device? You check through the user manual, right? I hope yes. God is the originator of marriage (Genesis 1:22) and the scripture (the Bible), is God’s word or manual. Many couples base and run their marriages on culture, tradition and societal expectations. This is the quickest recipe for a failed or disastrous marriage. The Bible contains great principles that can help you have a successful and fulfilling marriage experience. Invest your time in searching scriptural references on marriage, love, submission and mutual respect.
  • Marriage is a good thing: When God said that something is good, then it is really good. I have been in marriage for over eleven years and I can confidently concur with God that marriage is good! However, that something is good does not mean that it does not have its challenges. Navigate through the challenges of your marriage together with your spouse and you will definitely see and enjoy the goodness of your marriage, together.
  • Marriage is for mature adults: Many people get into marriage because of family and societal pressures and expectations and not necessarily, because they are ready and mature enough for marriage. Age is not just maturity! Marriage requires physical, spiritual, psychological and financial maturity. It takes maturity to accept, compromise and tolerate your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses. It takes maturity to know when to insist on something and when to let go.


The fallen nature of our society today shows the importance of good marriages. The state of every society is a reflection of the families, which form the components of the society. A good marriage is the foundation of an effective family. If the marriage is right, the family will be right and if the family is right, the society will right. This analogy underscores the importance of this topic. I therefore encourage you to keep up with subsequent posts as the lessons to be shared in them are priceless. See you soon

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