Being a father

What Being Father Means

Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world today, being Sunday, June 16, 2019. Though I was welcomed to the fatherless club, precisely on July, 2016, when my beloved father went to the world beyond, yet the memories of the years I shared with my father will remain with me for life. My […]

Role of parents in students academic performance

Role Of Parents/Guardians In Students’ Academic Performance

I remember growing up. Back then, my parents weren’t really educated. However, they love education and they know the importance of good education. So, they encouraged us a lot to study hard. Most times, they regulated our involvement in excessive plays and made us study extra hours even though they could not personally assist us […]

Children and parenting

Children And Parenting: Happy Children’s Day

Children Are Unique: Children are so unique and special. As a teacher and a mother, I spend all the twenty-four hours of my day parenting on daily basis. My parenting duties start at home each day, continues at the school and even when I get home, it never ends. Dealing with children can be both […]

Children's inquisitiveness endless questions

Children’s Inquisitiveness, Endless Questions

These days, the Inquisitiveness of my children has no limitations. It cuts across all areas of life, including religion, reproduction, health, etc. Today, being a Saturday, everyone is at home and there was no rush to go out. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when these young and inquisitive minds barged into the kitchen […]

Medication for children

Medication For Children And The Challenges

Children’s health can be unpredictable. When children have health challenges, you have no choice but to go to the health professionals for their medication to avoid things getting out of hand. Whenever my children have any health challenge that requires the administration of oral drugs, I get myself ready for the battle ahead. Yes o, […]

Parenting and child discipline

Parenting And Child Discipline-Mistakes/Corrections

As a parent, I find child discipline which is a very far reaching and important aspect of parenting as challenging and rewarding at the same time. It is worth repeating that child discipline is a key and indispensable part of parenting. My Parenting And Child Discipline Lessons: Every child is unique: In the past, I […]


The Side-eye You Get From Your Child When…….

This is the type of serious side-eye you get from your child when she demands to watch her favourite cartoon channel but mummy insists on watching a News channel instead.   Then she reminds mummy about the song they sing in school which is: “Parents listen to your children……” “We are the leaders of tomorrow […]


Positive Management of Children’s Energy Level through Division Of Labour

Controlling and managing the energy level of young children can be quite engaging! During the week days, school works (homework) help a lot in keeping my children positively busy and engaged. Toys and some musical instruments also come in handy. Nevertheless, being children, they still love watching television and cartoons even when surrounded by the […]


Curiosity and inquisitiveness of children- I am dazed!

These days, I am dazed by the level of curiosity and inquisitiveness that my children exhibit. Yesterday, when I went to pick them from school, the following conversation transpired between me and my son (7 years): Son: Mummy, how did you find daddy? Me: What do you mean? Son: I mean how did you find […]


How To Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationship

Truth be told, the teaching profession is one of the noblest of professions. I have been in the teaching profession for over nine years and I have been interacting with students. During school years, students spend more time interacting with their teachers than they do with their parents. This is why the effects of teacher-student […]