Compatibility Areas To Consider In Choosing A Marriage Partner- Explored

The right choice of a marriage partner can be quite challenging. I consider choosing a marriage partner as one of the most important decisions in the life of anyone that intends to get married. This is because who you choose to spend the rest of your life with in marriage can make or mar you. …

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How and where to find eligible bachelors/spinsters

Wooing Tips And Strategies For Men! She Can’t Say No!

While growing up and maturing from a girl into a young woman, I crushed on different guys at different stages of my life (smiles: yes I did). My interest and crush over these guys (boys) kept changing as I got older and more matured. In my early womanhood, during my early years at the university, …

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Campus Couple

Campus Couple, The Good, Bad And Ugly

Campus Couple: Chioma got admission into the university. After first semester in the first year, she became unusually close with Eric, her course-mate. As time goes on, before the end of her year one, she moved in with Eric and they were referred to as “Best Couple” by their fellow course mates. Shortly after they …

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day- My Story

14th of February, 2009, was the very first Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my Mr. Lover Boy. Prior to that day, I had always observed while others celebrated Valentine’s Day. Honestly speaking, Valentine’s Day has never really excited me. This is probably because the “boyfriend/girlfriend” thing wasn’t my thing. All through my secondary school and …

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Christmas salary matters

Christmas Salary Matters

Christmas has made the month of December to be quite unique as it affects various employment related decisions, including December salary payment time and amount. Many employers of labour pay their employees December salary earlier than other months and some even pay extra in form of bonuses and thirteenth month salary. However, there are sets …

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Season's greetings

Season’s Greetings

Season’s greetings and merry Christmas!!! It is that time of the year again. A time for celebration, merriment and quality time with loved ones. A time for reflection and planning for the next level. So soak up the joyous atmosphere and celebrate responsibly!!! Christmas signifies love, care and sharing. As you celebrate, share love, care …

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Relevance of bride price

Relevance Of Pride Price In Today’s Society

  What is the Relevance of Bride Price Today? One of the consequences of the current astronomical rise of feminism is challenging of hitherto settled social and cultural practices that are perceived to promote women subjugation or male dominance. One of such practices that has come under attack is payment of bride prices. In fact, …

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Domestic Violence, Abusive Relationships

Domestic Violence, Abusive Relationship

Domestic Violence, Abusive Relationships There is an epidermic currently ravaging homes, marriages and relationships generally. Its devastating effects are all over the news. It was recently reported that one Bilyaminu Yusuf, was allegedly stabbed by his wife, Murjanatu, during a quarrel in their home at the Tudun Wada area of Gusau, Zamfara State. Few days …

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comparison in relationships

Comparison In Relationships? The Way Out

Are you guilty of comparison in relationships? What is the way out. I have discovered that some people are fond of some comparison in relationships. Yes! many of us are guilty of it and most times we do it unconsciously. Even in marriage, we often compare our spouses with those of our neighbours and friends. …

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