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Hi, my name is Ihebie Chidimma. Welcome to

Chidimma is an educationist. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Chemistry from Abia State University; a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from University of Lagos. Chidimma is very passionate about Positive Relationships, Teaching and impacting the right knowledge. She has been in marriage for over nine years and she is blessed with wonderful kids.

Chidimma is very passionate about positive relationships and impacting the right kind of knowledge. She believes that if we can get it right in our love and relationship lives, then the society will be a better and happier place for all.

Hobbies include: reading books and novels, playing scrabble, and blogging of course! is born from the passion to expose and explore godly basic marriage principles. The goal is simply to illustrate the proper principles with real life experiences to young men and women desiring to go into marriage. It will also discuss the various positive ways of handling daily marital challenges for married couples.

Parenting values, challenges and solutions to perceived challenges will be discussed.  You can see we are going all the way and it is a lifetime venture of all things pertaining to life!

Marriage is sweet and it is meant to be enjoyed, not endured by both parties (man and woman) involved. The rate of divorce in our society today is so alarming and unprecedented. Apart from that, there are many couples living together as official roommates and co tenants and no longer as lovers. The marriage institution is facing so much pressure from both the couples themselves and the society at large.

YES! You are at the right place. We understand the importance and impact of real life solutions, rather than abstract solutions to our real life relationship issues and that is why we are unique and special

Get on board folks and let us sail onto the sea of existence. There would be period of calmness and tranquility suffused with beauty. There would also be a period of turbulence and confronting the storms of life. However, don’t worry the ship will not sink.

We are social beings and relationship is a fundamental part of our lives. blog is all about positive relationships!

Stick with us as we enjoy exciting, positively challenging life transforming experience together!



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God bless you!


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