Is It True That There Are No Wife And Husband ‘Material’?


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I was discussing with a friend yesterday about marriage and he said that he is single and searching but there are no wife materials.

Do you agree with him?

Come to think of it, who is really “a wife or husband material”?

Let’s hear your views!


4 thoughts on “Is It True That There Are No Wife And Husband ‘Material’?

  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    To me a wife/husband material is simply a God fearing person who is matured spiritually, physically, mentally, psychologically and financially for marriage. Gbam….

      1. Emeka Ihebie says:

        Financial maturity may be relative. However, a man who is able to properly house, feed and clothe a woman and himself without any need for external aid is financially matured.

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