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There is a recent report about a young lady of 25 years. She is a graduate, whose marriage was just four months old as at time of the report. She was reportedly crying out for help over her marriage. According to the lady, she is confused about her marriage because her husband lied to her. From the report, she said during their courtship, the man used to visit her with different type of cars. Upon her inquiry, he told her that he was a car dealer. The truth however surfaced few weeks after they got married. Her husband turned out not to be a car dealer but car wash attendant. What a lie!

I have also heard the story of a young man who worked as a fuel attendant in a filling station but lied to the lady he wanted to marry that he was working in an oil and gas company. Interesting!

It has been argued that some people tell lies when they want to get married, in order to be accepted and valued or respected. They therefore lie about their:

  • Age

  • Job

  • Academic qualification

  • Social status

  • Family background

  • Financial status

  • Interests, etc.

A relationship that is built on lies can hardly stand the test of time. The lies must be exposed, dealt with and trust rebuilt before such a relationship can succeed if at all. Marriage is not a child’s play neither is it a bed of roses. Starting off a relationship on lies is like planning to build a sky scraper on a shallow sandy foundation.

Lies are like chain reactions. When you tell one lie, you need to tell another lie to sustain the previous lie. It hardly ends. Wait! Why will anybody think that an enduring relationship can be built on lies?

When you lie about some fundamental issues of your life in a relationship, you make yourself vulnerable for blackmail!

Lies don’t stand the test of time. They will definitely be exposed, it’s just a matter of time!


Do you really need to lie to win someone’s “love”? You don’t need to!!!

Although I will not advocate your spilling out everything about yourself from the onset of a relationship, however, as both of you make progress and become more committed, you need to talk about EVERY aspect of your life. If the other person is not comfortable with some fundamental issues about your life, let the person go. You will definitely meet another person who will take and love you for who you are. It is just a matter of time.

Desperation to be with someone should not make one build a marriage relationship on a shallow foundation.

However, if you have already built your relationship or marriage on lies, you can still restore trust by consciously addressing the lies and dealing with the consequences. At the end of the day, you might find out that the other person loves you so much and is willing to forgive and stick with you. After all true love conquers all things if only you can give it a chance. However true love can only flourish on the fertile soil of truth. So give true love a chance today by telling the other person the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth.




4 thoughts on “LIES O LIES

  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    It is unfortunate that people have lie to get others love or approve them. That is unnecessary deception and sheer hypocrisy. Be true about yourself and someone who will love you for who you are will someday come into your life. The truth of the matter is that the person you projected to your lover will “die” or get exposed one day and the true you will be revealed. What will you then do about that? People should just stop living fake lives and face up to the truth.

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