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In my house, I cook spaghetti once in a while. One Saturday morning, I was in the kitchen preparing to cook spaghetti. My six-year-old son entered the kitchen and observed what I was about to prepare. Then the following conversation occurred between us:

My boy: Mum, are you cooking spaghetti?

Me: yes

My boy: are you cooking the stew one?

Me: No

My boy: mum please cook the stew one. It is sweeter than the jollof the other day you cooked it

Me: But I want to cook it jollof

My boy: Daddy’s jollof is softer and sweeter than your own. Cook it stew and leave jollof for daddy.

My dear, I had no choice than to comply when I heard the ‘bomb’.

As parents and adults, we have kids around us and need to interact with these kids in various ways.

I am currently learning from Daddy how to cook soft and sweet jollof spaghetti…. I hope to graduate from the course over the holiday period….


6 thoughts on “FRANK TALK WITH KIDS

  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    Una never see anything…Remember this lesson attracts a tuition fee. No free lesson even on Freetown. Seriously speaking, though, having a balanced and proper relationship with our children devoid of fear and intimidation will bring out the best in them and in us as their parents.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      There are no limits to kid’s inquisitiveness and curiosity. Some times I feel like “dodging” the bullets from their questions.

  2. Angel says:

    You mus be prepared to answer all their questions, otherwise the exam (questions) will never end
    Children with their pure heart !

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