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Some forms of division of labour in my home involves my husband bathing and preparing the children for school early in the mornings. This he has been doing faithfully and I commend him for that. As soon as they close from school and I pick them up, they remain stuck with me for the rest of the day.

A lot of things happen between this period and when we retire for the day. Some of such things include: eating (feeding them), bathing, plays in-between, homework coaching, some in- fighting, reporting themselves to me, asking me endless questions, crying (both with and without reason), watching cartoon, periods of shouts (by me), etc.

There was a period that my husband was always coming in late due to work schedules. It normally happens that by the time he gets back home, we were already done with the day’s “madness” and the mess cleaned. The children were mostly asleep by then. So, he would just have his bath, eat and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

Then I noticed that any day he comes home early or during weekends, he tends to be impatient or a bit irritated with the “madness” and mess created in the cause of running the day with the kids. I told him what I noticed, and both of us agreed to consciously work together in cleaning the mess generated by the kids and that decision helped a lot to make the whole process more fun and less frustrating.

It is always an honour and privilege to be involved in the lives of your children. They cherish such moments a lot. No matter how busy you are, try and get involved with them, if not on week days, at least on weekends.

You can share with us how you and your spouse have resolved this type of challenge.


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