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Surely, One man’s meat is another man’s poison! What some women would really covet, was the ground on which a woman is recently seeking to divorce her husband of few weeks.

It was recently reported that a newlywed Egyptian woman, 28, is seeking a divorce after only two weeks of marriage because her husband, Mohammad S., 31, does all of the household chores and DOES NOT ALLOW HER TO HELP AT ALL.

She said that the husband is acting like a housewife and she has grown bored of him.


Wow!!! Can you beat that? She wants to dump her husband for coveting all the household chores!!!! The man should try some Nigerian ladies for a change. I promise you he will be for keeps. Haaa!!! that will be a forever honeymoon!!!!

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Jokes aside, the frustration experienced by the woman is founded on something deeper. It is called neglect. Yes, some of our men want to be in charge most of the times. However, my opinion is that they should carry their women along, when it involves the kitchen and not only in the other room!

Instead of the husband doing all the household chores alone and making the wife feel not needed, maybe doing the chores together will make a huge positive difference. In fact, it is a great bonding mechanism!


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “HER FRUSTRATION, HIS FUN!

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Seems so, considering the fact that the marriage is just few weeks old. Who knows all the steps she took before finally seeking for a divorce? Never can tell.

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