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The following childishly childlike expressions from my children caress my ears countless times on daily basis while interacting with them:

“I will not allow you to bath me”. (Na who work epp?)

“I will not eat your food again”. (Not until hunger wire you)

“I will tell Daddy for you”. (May be Daddy will flog me. Lol..)

“I am not mummy’s friend again! (Wait until meal time)

“I will not play with you again”! (As I no get work to do again?)


My children freely use such expressions whenever they are disciplined or when they are not happy with mummy.

On one of such occasions, I went to pick my children from school and we drove all the way from there school to our house. Immediately I drove in and was about packing the car, my three-year-old daughter started crying.


When I asked her why she was crying, she said that she forgot her biscuit (ten-naira (#10) biscuit for that matter) at school in her class (she just remembered it). I tried to calm her down but she refused and insisted that I should drive back to their school so that she could pick her biscuit.

I was like, are you for real? Of course, she meant it and kept crying and insisting that I should drive back, even after I promised to give her more biscuits in replacement. In the process, her elder brother who is six years old (at least more reasonable) tried to convince her to reason with me and take from the biscuits at home instead of insisting we drive back to their school.


For where? My daughter refused to reason with the brother. All she wanted was that particular biscuit she forgot in her class. My dear, it wasn’t a small matter o. It took the intervention (through petting) of a good Samaritan neighbor to make her stop crying. I said to myself, ‘how unreasonable children can be’!


One of the things I have learnt from interacting with my children is that they will always behave like children. You can’t stop them from being who they are, no matter how unreasonable their actions may seem to you. In fact, the more you try to force them to behave in a “mature” way, the more frustrated you feel.

So, why not allow them to create fun childhood memories they can cherish and also laugh at when they become older.

Some times you don’t need to get too serious with children.



    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Yes! I see parenting as a combination of frustration and fun, especially when the children are still young in age.

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