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More than friendship, laughter, forgiveness, compatibility, and sex, spouses name TRUST as the element crucial for a happy marriage.

Eighty-one percent of happily married couples said their partner’s friends and family rarely interfered with the relationship, compared to just 38% of unhappy couples.


Source/Credit: Strange but true facts



  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    The reason why anybody will ever think of spending his or her life with another person is simply based on TRUST. Without this important ingredient, the marriage is a sham and will crumble in a matter of months. A true relationship has its roots in trust. So seek you first the TRUST in the marriage, and all those other things like sex, intimacy, friendship, compatibility, good health and even finances will be added to you. Now the true source of TRUST is God. Non interference by 3rd parties also stems from TRUST. The reason why none of the couples will try to settle any dispute between them by themselves is because they trust each other to be matured enough to settle it. Also the reason why 3rd parties will not interfere is because they have come to trust the couple to be matured enough to settle the dispute. Honestly, to me, going to 3rd parties to settle quarrels between couple stems from lack of trust….lack of trust in their ability to settle the dispute. Interesting facts indeed.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Interesting perspective. However, I think some friends and family interfere in people’s marriages even without being invited. I don’t see it as lack of trust on the couple from the third party. Rather, I see it as people not minding their business and trying to control other people’s lives.

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